The Rotary Club of Nelson West Members

Welcome to the Rotary Club of Nelson West Members page. This link is provided mainly for our members, however if you wish to contact the club, details are here.

We meet at the Nelson Yacht Club, 322 Wakefield Quay, Nelson on Wednesdays from 5:30 pm for a 6 pm start.

Notices of attendence / apologies to, or ring Murray 546 8045. Thank you

Name Title Position Classification Comments
Fleming, Shellz Ms. S.G. President Employment Services
Barley, Ray Mr. R. Landscaping Services
Butler, Murray Mr. M.P. PHFs, Secretary Computer Sales Web site admin
Carter, Dick Mr. R.J. PHF Civil Engineering
Connell, Patsy Ms. P.M. Optometry Administration
Cooper, John Mr. J.A. PHF Electrical Goods (Wholesale) Honorary
Day, Mike Mr M.P. Weighing systems
Douglas, Colin Mr. C.B. PHF Tyre Services - Retail
Egan, Russell Mr. R.R. PHFs Panelbeating
Grainger, Sheila Dr. S. Education Consultant
Gray, Adam Mr A Funeral Services
Gray, John Mr J Home Decorating - Retail
Grooby, Bevan Mr. B.M. Petroleum Distribution
Houston, Henry Mr. H.E. PHFs (Val - PHF) Automobile Retail (New) Honorary
Lambert, Charles Mr C. Financial Advisor
Lee, Richard Mr R. Agricultural
McGirr, Kevin Mr. K.P. President Elect Warehouse Security
McKenzie, Alex Mr A.
Mellsop, Denis Rev. D.H. PHF Hospital Chaplaincy Honorary
Miles, William Mr. W.P. PHF Disabled Services Honorary
Nicholson, Roger Mr. R. PHF Financial Services
Sinner, Jim Mr. J.A. Environmental Policy
Stevenson, Ross Mr. R. PHF Accounting Services
Stocker, Gary Mr. G.T. PHF, DG's Legal Advisor Law Services
Sturrock, Bob Mr. R.C. PHFs Refrigeration Engineering (retired)
Sutton, Nigel Mr. N. PHF Landscaping Supplies
Sutton, Kirsty Ms K Landscaping Supplies
Thomas, Graeme Mr. G. PHFs Financial Management Honorary
Tolerton, Ian Mr. I. Treasurer Insurance Broking
Topliss, Richard Mr. R. Precision Engineering
Tzanetis, Christine Mrs. C. Accounting Practice Management
Wells, Ash Mr A. Watchmaker
White, Nancy Mrs. N. Medical Practice Management
Win, Murray Mr. M.L.H. PHF Chartered Accountant

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